Our values

AIM Consulting, as consultants understand that the focus must always remain on the client.

Because a satisfied Customer tends to maintain open a channel of  “partnership” with their suppliers will promote new potential contacts and with that, Customers. AIM Consulting and all of its affiliated consultants recognizes the business values, the elements and behaviours that rotate around Customer satisfaction. With that said, AIM Consulting promotes these values:

Understanding and satisfying the costumer requirements

The quality of our consult is based on the professional support, provided by the technical knowledge and level of experience possess.

These qualities provide us with an educated vision of the challenges at hand and to provide a solution. AIM Consulting’s consultants are your IT partners.

They need to understand all of the associated challenges relating to a project, then relying on his experience, offer suggestions to provide a well rounded solution to the client’s needs.

Verifying the results for continuous improvement

At a business level we want to obtain a progressive improvement of the service provided and at last a formal and public acknowledgment of such attempt, it is AIM Consulting goal to reach and maintain a standard certificate of quality ISO 9001.

Is therefore to consider that the business model of reference is based on processes, to which is bound together a control system that has the task to redefine and improve the enterprise system.

Maintaining continuity in the development and professional growth of the staff

A consulting company bases its own strength on the professional abilities of it’s staff and be able to advise the proper solution to a customer’s challenge.

It's therefore necessary to work closely with it’s staff to ensure each and every member of it’s team continues to grow professionally.

AIM Consulting employs the MBO (Management By Objectives) model, which measures and guides it’s staff by way of formal education, participation of industry events, investing time to learn new technologies and personal development which will benefit their professional relationships.

To Research, to study and to always use new technologies

The competitive advantage on which AIM Consulting invests its own success is the knowledge on vanguard technologies and methodologies.

Firstly, this involves, first, the commitment in the researching and development of new technologies, which assists AIM Consulting to provide innovative solutions. Second, the use of a modern analytical and methodological approach and aligned with the potential offered by new technologies; in which case is therefore inserted the techniques of project management, as well as the methodologies to lead the required analysis of the systems offers to its Customers, and as well as every other tools and methodology that contribute linearity, effectiveness and visibility in its own consulting activity.

The knowledge has to work as guarantee to an accomplished project and therefore to lessen the risk introduced by facing innovative solutions. AIM Consulting is convinced that the analysis and development of complex solutions is closely correlated to the individual’s abilities and as well to the predisposition to work in synergy with the own colleagues.

Communicate constantly and with attention

Communication is fundamental in establishing a concrete relationship with the Customer. It takes shape through the time spend talking out a project.

Therefore it is in our core values of keeping the lines of communication wide open between our consultants and the customer. The success of a project not only depends on the quality of the technical solutions offered, but also, taking the time to fully explain the consultant’s ideas so it is fully understood by all concerned parties.

Communication is part of the consulting code of conduct and is a bedrock value at AIM Consulting.

Maintaining engagement, effectiveness and efficiency

In order for AIM Consulting’s employees to maintain the highest level of customer satisfaction, they themselves, must remain motivated and be satisfied with their job.

It is AIM Consulting’s goal, as an employer to support and encourage it’s employees to aim at their highest levels consistently every day. AIM Consulting’s corporate atmosphere is one where education and full product support is provided to our employees so they can use this knowledge to perform their jobs confidently.

Share the knowledge

A fundamental aspect in creating a quality-consulting firm rotates around the concept of sharing the internal information.

Therefore, AIM Consulting shares its own knowledge through varied activities and services like, project folders where the information is understood and than shared. Information such as laboratory tests, communication tools, internet availability along with periodic meets are at the disposal of AIM Consulting’s staff.