Our team

AIM Consulting has grown with its founder Danilo Giorgetti, around which has been formed a structure of fifteen inside consultants and ten outside consultants.

All the consultants are proud of the certificates on products and excellent knowledge of the technologies based on their own multi-year experience in the field. The continuous formation and the tight collaboration in it’s team guarantees knowledge and professionalism, resulting in mutually beneficial working arrangement with it’s customers.

The Executive of AIM Consulting is composed as follows:

Danilo Giorgetti

General Manager and founder

Controls and manages all the administrative, bureaucratic and economic business aspects. He manages the staff. He has senior level decision-making and he is responsible for every operating area of AIM Consulting SA, along with the relationships with the customers and suppliers.

Duska Giorgetti

Financial Manager

She oversees all of the administrative and accounting aspect. She also has the responsibility of the administrative and financial analyses and of the company budgets. She is responsible for payments from customers and suppliers, manages and controls bank accounts, prepares the budgets and analyses the business profit. Reports the results directly to the General Manager.