Consulting and assistance services tied to the logic security of the IT infrastructure

AIM Consulting, utilizing it’s own experience and in collaboration with it’s partners, understands that security is not only an added value for the company, but also a fundamental aspect to the growth and development of it’s business. 

The Security, however, doesn't depend exclusively on the technology: the security is also a question of culture and education. This is the message that AIM Consulting gives it’s clientele. This helps them to undertake the proper precautions in order to safeguard their IT investment. 

In addition, AIM Consulting is completely aware of the fact that security does not mean exclusively situation around the company anymore: it's not sufficient to build solid walls around your company! Today it is very important to act on every level distributing the security concept on all the IT infrastructure and, therefore, applying the right technology to every level of our infrastructure: for example in the development of software and in the protection of internal communications between PC and server, without forgetting to also associate the physical security connected to the limited access to technical building, to videosorveglianza and more.

Competence and technologies

AIM Consulting is able to analyze, plan and implement solutions capable of protecting business networks from intrusions and attacks coming from the most common communication channels like:

  • Internet navigations and files download control 
  • E-mail control 
  • Remote access control and strong authentication at every level control 
  • Removable and portable device control (Cd, disks, pen USB, etc.) 
  • Corporate policy planning consulting

AIM Consulting maintains a close relationship with all major industry leaders such as; Microsoft, Secure wave, Cisco Systems, RSA Security along with others. AIM Consulting’s own team continuously updates their knowledge base on the above companies’ products in order to maximize value for the client.