"The more your customers trust you, the more they buy from you "

DigiCert provides the best identity assurance in the industry, so visitors to your website will know who they are doing business with. Smart companies all over the world use DigiCert's EV SSL certificate, secure site seal, and branding to help build trust.

AIM Consulting is a partner of Digicert, certification authority that issues SSL certificates promoting safety and reliability, emphasizing the importance of offering products with the highest standards of safety, as well as a more rapid and efficient service for customers. In this way, Digicert ensures the highest level of SSL products in its class.
DigiCert certificates have already been installed on tens of thousands of people in 146 countries. The majority of customers DigiCert is set up by companies, as well as from the field of education and public administration.

In addition DigiCert has partnered with Microsoft to help meet the needs SSL security platform Exchange server. From this partnership they have developed the necessary skills to help customers and organizations to the needs of the certificates required by Microsoft Exchange.