Veeam provides the tools necessary to become a trusted advisor to customers and gain a competitive advantage in the long term.

Veeam partners allow it to offer a complete solution for virtualization management and data protection by allowing customers the opportunity to reap the benefits of collaboration between leading companies in the field of hardware and software, to offer the best of the best, including which hypervisor technologies, innovations in the field of storage, backup solutions, replication and virtualization management.

Veeam believes that the current requirements of the 'IT have changed and that the problems of traditional backup (high costs, excessive complexity and lack of features) are no longer acceptable for any company

Your company’s data is its most valuable asset. However, legacy backup tools simply can’t cope with the demands of virtual environments and challenges with exponential data growth, shrinking backup windows and an increasing intolerance for downtime and data loss.

Veem offers cutting-edge solutions at the same time helping customers to reduce risk, disruption and cost, as well as to optimize the management activities.